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About SizeGenetics

Having a small penis size can be devastating for any man as it lowers his confidence and sex drive and lowers the capability to satisfy your partner. There are various alternatives which can boost your penile length but this fragile organ needs special comfort and you need permanent results. Opting for surgery is not everybody’s cup of tea as you need the sources and need to bear with the pain. You can also use injections or pills which are costly but don’t always deliver what you need and might cause side-effects on regular usage. What if there is a product in the market which increases the length of your penis and at the same time improves girth? Well there is, Size Genetics a safe and affordable alternative.

What is Size Genetics?

Penis size matters a lot during sexual performance and most women have agreed that the larger the penis of the man, the better orgasm they get. So if your little penis is acting as a blockage to a happy sexual life, Size Genetics Penis Extender which is a device will extend your penile length, give you girth and boost your confidence. With an improved blood flow to your penis, Size Genetics helps you have long lasting erections and increases stamina.

It has been in the market for 17 years; this traction device is made of high quality materials and is comfortable. With medically backed evidence, Size Genetics not only increases the length and strength of your penis but also straightens it if you have a naturally bent penis. The length of your penis will increase by 1-3 inches in a perfectly safe manner.

How does the Size Genetics Penis Extender work?

Using MDA technology, this traction device is comfortable to wear and you can even hide it under your clothes. The basic work that goes on in your penis muscles while using this device is cell duplication. By applying a small amount of tension to your flaccid penis, its penile length is gradually extended. This process shouldn’t hurt as to see results you need to wear the device for long hours. The various items that are included in the different packages are:

Traction device - the type 1 traction device is comfortable to use and you can change the force that is applied by the device. Wearing it for long hours is suitable because then you will see gains faster. The device is designed in a manner that will lengthen your penis and also straighten a curvature, if present. One device; fits all.

Multi head piece - the multi piece head will give you various heads to chose one, and you can opt for the one in which you are mist comfortable. With this, the head will not slip out of the nose and you can use the device for longer hours.

Traction powder, moisturizer, device wipes, a case - the slippage that you see can be avoided if you apply some traction powder on your penis before you use the device. Using the device for long hours can cause friction; the powder soothes it before you put the device on and the moisturizer, after you use the device. The device wipes will keep it hygienic and clean. The case comes with a key, so you can lock the spare parts, the multi heads that you are not using and keep it away so you can find them the next time you need them.

CD, Penis Health Membership, LoveCentria Membership - the CD which comes in every package will clearly explain and instruct you how to use the device and put it on smoothly. The Penis Health & LoveCentria Membership gives you techniques of how you can get harder and stronger erections and also improve blood flow to the penis.

When you are using the Size Genetics Penis Extender for long hours it is vital that you exercise your penis and promote fresh blood flow to it. With online accessibility, these memberships will help you to take your sexual performance to another level entirely.

Top reasons to use Size Genetics

Noticeable increase in length and size of the penis with 2 months if used for long hours

Recommended by doctors throughout the world and has been in the market for over a decade.

Type 1 medical device which has been clinically tested and safe to use.

Corrects penile curvature

Provides stronger and harder erections, boosts confidence and improves your sexual life.

After sales support

The manufacturers are so sure that the device works that they have attached a 180 day money back guarantee with the product.

Permanent length gains and improved blood flow to the penis.

Phenomenal customer response and a growing community of users.

Will Size Genetics work for you?

The traction device is based on the natural rules of stretching and increased penis size is due to cell growth which is facilitated due to the pressure created. The device does not cause pain, is comfortable and is a natural physical therapy. Size Genetics works for everyone who wants to increase their penile length. It works for men with curvatures (left, right), circumcised or not, old or young. With no side-effects and medical backing, all you need to do is attach the device to your penis for a few hours.

Follow the manufacturer’s guide and do not apply an extra pressure on the penis and you will see no negative results. The permanent changes that you will see are astonishing and will convince you to continue using the product until you are completely happy with what you see. You can use the device for months or years as it is made on great quality and has a 6 month warranty.


Size Genetics Penis Extender increases your penile length and girth. Medically backed and made of good quality ingredients, this traction device has been fulfilling men’s desires for over 14 years. Boosts your sex life and confidence, Size Genetics comes with 6 month warranty and 180 day money back guarantee.

It also gives you harder and longer lasting erections and also straightens curvature and the changes that you see are permanent.

SizeGenetics – Summary

Who can use SizeGenetics?

A man’s confidence does lie in the size of his penis! Because size does matter!

If you are suffering from micro penis or small penis, and looking for proven medical device to enlarge your size upto 2-4 inches that work along with comforts, then SizeGenetic should be right choice for you.

Dr. Recommended #1 Penis Extender in Hong Kong!

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DanaMedic ApS


Over 1,000,000+ units sold worldwide

Do I require any sort of doctor's prescription?

No, you don’t need any prescription to buy this medically certified penis extender.

Money-Back Guarantee

No Question asked 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

Does it fit to my size?

Yes Of Course, follow the manual, super easy to use or contact award winning support team anytime for help.


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